Hunting The Country

Mossy Oak Hunting The Country

Hunting stories from the very heart of the tradition share memories from our common past and collective future on our brand’s flagship series. Launched in 1995 and in continuous production ever since, one of the longest-running series in outdoor television remains one of the most popular because, no matter how much technology comes into play, at its heart, hunting’s heritage remains the same.

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Ducks Unlimited TV

Ducks Unlimited TV

On location across the most storied waterfowl venues in North America, Duck Unlimited Television (DUTV), the broadcast voice of America’s largest conservation organization, is produced in association with MOOSE Media. DUTV is co-hosted by Field Hudnall, Ainsley Beeman and J.P. Morris with regular contributions from experts like Phil Bourjaily, Mike Stewart and DU CEO Dale Hall. No other conservation organization has saved more wetlands. And no other television series messages the work of DU’s partners in conservation with more must-see excitement!

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Mossy Oak Country Roots

Mossy Oak Country Roots

Mossy Oak Country Roots takes viewers inside the industry’s most impassioned brand to experience the hunting and the camp life of the people of Mossy Oak. Friends and family often come along to sample these close-to- home campaigns for big whitetails and sly gobblers – and beyond to exceptional adventure well past the Back Forty. Fun-filled episodes packed with best-in-class hunting action all filmed from the roots up – that’s Mossy Oak Country Roots!

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Remington Country

Remington Country TV

With renewed emphasis on a series dedicated to North American game, a production sequence that features a sampling of the hunter conservationists on the job for sportsmen and America’s Oldest Gunmaker, Remington Country Television captures the exciting drama of the chase like no other. Highlighted by Remington’s world-class work force and its legendary wares, audiences enjoy a truly epic brand experience for border-to- border small and big-game hunting adventure!

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Craig Morgan

Craig Morgan All Access Outdoors

“All Access Outdoors” chronicles the life of country music sensation and diehard outdoorsman Craig Morgan – both on stage and in the field. Whether he’s bowhunting big game, motocross racing or entertaining screaming fans at sold-out shows, Craig’s life is high-octane and his schedule is unrelenting. This hit new reality show gives viewers an all access, backstage pass to Craig’s travels, as he and his crew pursue big game, big thrills and big laughs across North America in a quest for the ultimate hunting adventures.

Craig Morgan All Access Trailer

Turkey Thug

Mossy Oak Turkey Thugs

Chasing the nation’s most popular game bird on the very ground it calls home is humbling to the best of hunters. There’s many a pitfall to be found between roosted and roasted, and some of the most experienced turkey hunters in America gather here to share what they’ve learned about them all.

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Game Keepers

Mossy Oak Game Keepers

No matter where you are or what your outdoor obsession may be, it all begins with the land. Our traditions begin with the land, so to the land this series returns. The stewards and caretakers of hunting’s future are everywhere, doing what they can to preserve, protect and pass on. This series shares the spirit and the emotion in the why, while communicating invaluable knowledge of the how to. Planting, growing, returning and remembering all play a part in television made where the rubber meets the road.

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Wallhanger TV

Wallhanger TV with Chad & Dana Wall

Wallhanger TV is a lifestyle hunting show that follows husband and wife team, Chad and Dana Wall. Wallhanger TV focuses on Family Faith and Hunting. Although this show relays the deep heritage and tradition of hunting, it also adds the twist of family life in this current day and age.

Wallhanger TV Trailer

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