About MOOSE Media

MOOSE (Mossy Oak Outdoor Sports and Entertainment) is a subsidiary of Haas Outdoors, the parent of one of the market’s truly iconic brands, Mossy Oak Brand Camouflage. For more than 15 years, the principles of MOOSE have directed sales for the television properties of Mossy Oak Productions, including “HUNTING THE COUNTRY,” the long-running centerpiece of Mossy Oak Tuesday Night Pursuits on the Outdoor Channel.

The MOOSE television portfolio also features top personalities, including “Craig Morgan’s All Access Outdoors.”

Since 2008, MOOSE has been intensely involved with the Pursuit Channel. As the agency of record for Pursuit, MOOSE’s far-reaching responsibilities to the network and its partners incorporate producer time-buy, national advertising campaigns and marketing.

Pursuit Channel features the largest audited audience of outdoor-minded television viewers in North America.

MOOSE is also a creator of original television content to include: “Ducks Unlimited Television” (DUTV), the award-winning “Leupold Big Game Profiles” and “Remington Country TV.” Ducks Unlimited is the world’s largest conservation association devoted to wetlands and wildlife.

Together with the creative it represents and produces, and the network it champions, MOOSE Media is always mindful of the crucial role played by accessible, affordable outdoor media and the intimate effect of that on who we serve – the world’s original conservation activist, the American outdoorsman.